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In 2014, New York City committed to a simple idea: no level of death or serious injuries on our streets is acceptable. Focusing on data-driven engineering, enforcement and education solutions, The Vision Zero Initiative became the foundation for ending deaths and fatalities Under Mayor de Blasio’s leadership.

As 70% of pedestrian fatalities are a result of dangerous driving choices, we launched a multi-platform public awareness campaign – aimed to depict the consequences of a poor decision and assign personal accountability.

The strapline “Your choices matter.” was conceived and incorporated across all campaign materials – providing a memorable, personable, and simple continuity to increase recall and recognition.

In order to cut through the clutter and grab attention, our first phase of creative portrayed the aftermath of a crash – paired with headlines that identify the driver’s decision and consequences supported by facts that further defined the moment, people noticed. Phase two introduced new messages and images that continued to spotlight consequences while connecting emotionally with viewers to drive change. We brought creative to life across digital, print, outdoor, radio and video to engage residents and capture attention at multiple touch points.

By geo-targeting dangerous intersections through outdoor and digital using borough-specific facts, we further personalized communications specifically to New Yorkers in their neighborhoods. Over 75% of New Yorkers recall having seen the campaign and 86% of drivers report that the ads convinced them to “pay more attention to pedestrians and cyclists while driving.”

The Vision Zero Initiative is off to a promising start and by all measures the campaign was a success. While the US reported an 8% increase in traffic fatalities in 2015, New York City reported a 10% decrease. And an overwhelming 80% of New Yorkers agreed – Vision Zero is a valuable government program.


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