Each year 4,000 New Yorkers are seriously injured and 250 are killed as a result of poor decisions made by motorists, cyclist and pedestrians. The NYC DOT needed to launch a safety awareness campaign that supported and gained attention for the Mayor’s new Vision Zero Initiative.

Based on positive focus group concept testing, we learned that victim based imagery tied with key data points increased recall. Using data points that relate to your neighborhood drove awareness. Making the victim the focus enhances the choice made and providing the viewer with an easier safer habit alternative, drives change.

Your Choices Matter

Headlines defined the graphic scenes which supported facts, many often neighborhood specific, and the developed tagline “Your choices matter.” was always paired with a safety message.

YourChoicesMatter.NYC was launched as a microsite that revealed facts and supportive Vision Zero Initiative details and information.

The campaign videos featured an innovative split screen approach leading to a reveal that relates back to the overarching creative.

Phase two visuals shifted from featuring impacted individuals directly and focused more on fact related objects. Removing any initial stereotypes based on visuals, the related facts become more relatable and memorable.

A series of geo-targeted, sequenced digital placements drove awareness with location-based facts and visuals that connect with the same visuals you found out-of-home.

Digital and out-of-home location specific placements that correlate with language speaking data zones increase awareness and recall.

Mobile location placements allowed us to be in front of specific neighborhoods on device and outdoors.