The Stop-DWI NY Association wanted to launch a public awareness campaign that aligned with NYC’s Vizion Zero Initiative, with a focus on one’s personal choice and the impacts that choice can have.

The creative engaged with viewers by following a simple question and answer approach to messaging while visualizing two possible outcomes resulting from the choice made. Choose to drive drunk and you could end up arrested or dead. Choose a safe alternative and you’ll get home safe.

The campaign included a :30 video and related :15 and :06 cutdown versions for use across digital placements and Taxi TV throughout the city.

Creative photo assets were brought to life through quick animations featured at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn during Brooklyn Nets Games.

We launched a microsite and mobile app that allowed users to check their estimated blood alcohol level based on provided data. They both provided facts and statistics that related to the determined blood alcohol content value, and a user could quickly connect with a rideshare provider via the app to get a safe ride home.

An animated billboard was placed in the middle of NYC’s Time Square New Years Eve event, promoting app downloads and encouraging travelers to tags photos of themselves with #GETBACNYC to be featured on the billboard in real time for everyone to see.